Get Your Hopes Down

by Landslide Purist

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C&P 2016 Negative Lad Records


released December 10, 2016

All songs written by Sean Talbot and Sam Wisternoff except for Endless Pub: Sean Talbot & Robin Allender, Festering: Sean Talbot, Sam Wisternoff & Robin Allender and More Of Her: Sean Talbot



all rights reserved


Landslide Purist UK

Sean Talbot
Sam Wisternoff
Robin Allender

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Track Name: Nearly Beloved
Regard who you’ve become,
speak to the stranger and rip out your tongue.
I’ve learnt lessons from you,
some entertaining but none of them true.

Oh I’ve been absorbed.
Oh I’ve been absorbed
with every thought, I was absorbed.
Oh I’ve been absorbed with every thought.

I don’t want to test you,
I don’t want to learn.

I envy your verve,
your infinite freedom is a joy to observe.
You just do your thing
and I’m not embarrassed when you are embarrassing.

I don’t want to test you,
I don’t want to learn.

If there were more like you,
society would crumble.
I wish there were more like you,
and society would crumble.

Your absurd actions have been preserved.
Track Name: Homemade Reality
A stain on your name,
I’ll never be able to say it the same again.
What a waste,
beauty redeployed into a terrible place.
I started again,
I was forced to reassess everything
and I’ve come to a sense,
just the one, I don’t need all my other senses.
How’d you know (I’m still cursing your name)
that I’d follow? (I wish you’d burst into flames)
And I’ve come to accept,
all the things you have just so liberally wrecked.
And you’ve strayed very far,
after all you’re a seasoned traveller.
If you were different I could deal with you.
When you were different I could deal with you.
You bounder.
You’re a seasoned traveller,
you’re a tricky customer.
The shame, you can’t live it down,
surround yourself with idiots.
Your name is not worth a pound,
the stain on it is hideous.
Vacated our good home.
Track Name: Endless Pub
Endless Pub

I have no secrets
except the big ones,
which I can live with
in a way.

I see my familiar
unsteady friend
sitting alone
in an endless pub.

An old telephone
is ringing in the ruins.

I wondered in
The Moon Under Water
if at the ending
you're shown the sun,
then it’s taken away.

I am November.
Track Name: Festering
Your cognition is compromised,
exteriors internalised.

The fallacies you’re dreaming,
you call them into being.

You made it up therefore it’s real,
interiors you can’t conceal.

Your fallacies you’re dreaming,
you call them into being.
delusions gaining meaning
(a certainty starts to sink in)
you call them into being
(it becomes clear what they are thinking).

They’re thinking, ‘I know what you’re up to.’

You pull apart at every chance,
a dagger in a stranger’s glance.
Track Name: I Want You To Step Down
You’re standing in a place
removed from where it is,
a dissonance obtained
when you fell for shifty tricks,
a spiralling of sense
right down to the abyss,
you’re standing for a cause
with the idiots and pricks.

(Undulating underground,
inseminates your ambience,
an avalanche – a tiny hope,
an olive branch,
unthreading rope.)

You’re near,
I hear your sound.
I’m eager,
to see you go down.
The scurrying of thought
till bias is confirmed,
gymnastics you perform
just to reconcile your words.
Selectively optate
illusions of concern,
a semblance of truth
leaving everything unlearned. 

(Your terrain – deforested,
future going primitive.
You’re to blame, it’s all over,
your confidence,
a bulldozer.)
In the idiocy
or under the common ground,
spreading hideously
a tumour is going round,
infecting everybody,
the whispers are getting loud,
the morons are standing proud,
you watch as it takes hold.
The danger of a view
ingrained by bogus means,
the dogma isn’t true,
but you’re sticking with the team
and you realign your boundaries
to fit to your regime,
the landscape is adjustable,
no matter where you’ve been.
A fabricated world
inhabited by clowns,
you’re sticking to your view,
no matter what surrounds.
An ill-selected company
on treacherous common ground,
it turns out you’re insane –
I want you to step down.
Track Name: Some Of My Best Friends Are Lizards
Take more blame
and I will call you
by another name.
One more turn
and I’ll involve you
in another game.
Start near the end,
I could dissolve you
and you would never know.
In my brain
I will control you
everywhere you go.
(Stars look near to you,
so far have you been removed.
Paths appear clear to you,
so far have you been removed.)
Someone is thinking for you,
a stranger is working on you.
Time slowed down
when I was indulging
in another view.
I fell out
when you involved in,
a different thing to do.
(Once more time distorts,
so far have you been removed.)

Someone is thinking for you,
a stranger is working on you.
Your formula, you’re holding it down,
dysphoria takes us away.
You’re resting now,
I’ll test you out,
been here before.
We’ve met before,
it’s cyclical,
I’ve seen it all,
We met before,
(Time arrives in your bated breath,
I’m alive in your wasted air,
time survives every wasted year,
you’re surprised that I’m waiting here.
You’re the driver, I’m staying there,
I’ll arrive when you’re nearly here,
I’ve been seeing you everywhere,
I’m a feeling you just can’t bear.
In the scenery we can’t share,
see a meaning which isn’t there.
Time arrived in your bated breath,
I’ve survived every wasted year.)
I know your rituals,
I know just how you’ll behave.
I know your rituals,
you’re unlike how you’re portrayed.
There’s a calm on the way
and it’s nearer to you everyday,
as you wait.
And the truth which you knew,
has been gradually fading from view
and so soon,
you’ll be under,
you’ll be under.
And you cease to resist
the addiction which leads you to bliss
and you’ll wish
that you’re under,
that you’re under.
An effect taking hold
with no way of maintaining control,
you dissolve
and you’re under,
and you’re under.